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Title: Magazine - "The Sunday at Home"
Identifier: X964.59.6
Item Date: 1884
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A blue and black covered magazine entitled ‘The Sunday at Home’. The front cover has an ‘L’ shaped decorative border with images of a church, a menorah, a family reading the bible, a king playing a harp, the pyramids with the Sphinx and books draped with a cloth and surrounded by tools. The entire border is woven with ivy vines and leaves. ‘Part 367, November 1884’ is printed along the top of the magazine. A list of contents is in the centred to the proper left side. The top proper left corner is missing. The back cover of the magazine is also blue and advertises other magazines sold by the publisher. History: The Religious Tract Society was founded in England in 1799 and was a major publisher of Christian literature. The literature included many publications aimed at women, children and the poor and included Sunday at Home, Woman's Magazine, Boy's Own Paper, Girl's Own Paper and Great Thoughts. The literature was intended for evangelism. In 1935, the Religious Tract Society merged with the Christian Literature Society for India and Africa to form the United Society for Christian Literature. See
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