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Title: Paiting - St. Peter's Anglican Church
Identifier: 2003.2.294
Donor: Barbara Larson
Item Date: c.1887
Image Creator: Charolotte Schreiber
Creation Date: 2005
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: Oil on canvas landscape painting of St Peter's Anglican Church along Dundas Road and a bridge near Mississauga Road by Charlotte Schreiber (1834-1922). The painting is in a wood and gesso gold painted frame.

This painting is of the original St. Peterís Church painted in 1887 or before.The painting, was made by Charlotte Schreiber (1834-1922), a Royal Canadian Academy (RCA) member, as a fund raiser for the rebuilding of St. Peterís Church in stone. She was the only female charter member of the RCA in 1880 and was the only woman elected full academician until 1933. Nťe Morrell, Charlotte was born at Woodham, England, and studied in London. She exhibited at the Paris Salon and at the Royal Academy, London, England.

Reverend James Magrath (1766-1851) found his new parish in a 'deplorable state' upon his arrival in 1827. He was said to have commented that his parish was 'bounded by the Rocky Mountains to the west and by the North Pole'. Despite the hardships, Reverend Magrath was known to be popular with both the upper and lower classes. He served at St. Peterís Church until his death in 1851 at the age of 82. The original St. Peterís Church was built in 1826 and demolished in 1887. It was a small wooden framed structure which was replaced by a stone building that could fit over 350 worshippers.

In 1910 a stone spire was added to the church. St. Peterís Church had many ties with both the Harris and Magrath Families. The Harris's were strong supporters of the Church with Captain James B. Harris (1797-1884) acting as a churchwarden from 1838-1860. Arthur B. Harris (1843-1932) was on the building committee in 1886 and also served as a church warden and had agreed to assume some of the debt over and above the amount contributed to the Building Fund of the new structure. Lucy Harris, Arthurís sister, paid for the installation of stove pipes at the Church. Annie Harris Sayers and Naomi Harris donated the organ used at St. Peterís in 1957.

The Magraths continued to support St. Peterís as well. Anna Cordelia Magrath (1819-1895) donated a stained glass window in honour of her father, Reverend Magrath. Maryís sister Isabel (ca. 1860), also known as Minnie, was married to Edwin Crickmore at St. Peterís in 1887 and were the last couple to be married in the old structure. Maryís daughter, Annie (1882-1986) would also be married from St. Peterís as would two of her grandchildren, Geoffrey (1907-1997) and Barbara Sayers (1920-). For information on Charlotte Schreiber, see: Dorothy Farr, ĎSchreiber, Charlotte Mount Brockí, "The Canadian Encyclopedia, Year 2000 Edition" (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1999), 2110. For information on the history of St. Peterís Anglican Church, see: Thompson Adamson "175 Years of History"(Erindale: St Peterís Anglican Church, 2000).
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