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Business Contest

Business Contest

Contest Overview

Do you own or work at Mississauga's most beautiful business? If so, this contest is for you!

We are looking for those owners and employees who take pride, not only in the way they conduct their business, but in creating beautiful surroundings for their customers and their community, with colourful plantings.

The contest is open to all small businesses in Mississauga. For the purposes of the contest, a small business is defined as one with 25 employees or fewer.

Entries may be in one of two classes: Inground Gardens or Container Gardens.

Businesses may be located in a commercial area, on a main street, side street or in a residential area, but must have a streetfront location. Businesses in strip plazas are considered to have streetfront locations.

Your business may be a store, professional office, gallery, realty office, salon, daycare centre, restaurant, medical/dental office, non-profit organization, service station etc.etc. It may be independent, a franchise, or part of a chain, so long as all other criteria are met. It may be part of a B.I.A. but is not required to be.

Ineligible businesses are large companies, schools, houses of worship, government facilities, shopping malls and tenants, garden centres, nurseries and businesses with outdoor gardening departments.

Plantings and maintenance may be done by professionals, but bonus points will be awarded for businesses that do the work themselves.

Preliminary judging will be done from digital photographs submitted by entrants with the completed Entry Form, as detailed in "How To Enter." Final judging of the best 3 - 5 displays in each class will be done on site, in late July, by members of the City's four horticultural societies. Two winners will be selected.

Questions should be emailed to and clearly marked "Streetscape Small Business Contest."


 Contest Dates - 2013

The 2013 contest dates are as follows:

Entry period: Friday, May 31 - Sunday, July 7 2013

Start of judging: Monday, July 8, 2013

End of judging: Friday, July 26, 2013

Winners to be notified by: Thursday August 15, 2013

Good luck in the contest!


Two contest winners will be selected. Winners will receive a commemorative plaque and earn one of two titles:

  • "Mississauga's Most Beautiful Business 2013 - Inground Garden"
  • "Mississauga's Most Beautiful Business 2013 - Container Garden"

Winners will be notified by August 15, 2013 and will be invited to receive their awards at the Streetscape Awards Event on the evening of Monday, September 9, 2013 at the Mississauga Civic Centre.

 What We Are Looking For

Business gardens will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Community Enhancement: Welcoming to customers and passersby; plantings blended harmoniously with building; special features e.g. seating, signage, accessories.

Plantings: Plants lush, healthy, weed, pest and disease free; interesting plant choices; good colour co-ordination; plantings appropriate to location.

General Maintenance: Plants lush, healthy, weed, pest and disease free; interesting plant choices; good colour co-ordination; plantings appropriate to location.

Bonus Features: The WOW factor; garden planted and maintained by business owner / staff.

 Contest Rules

Please note that there are two sets of contest rules:

  • The Quick and Easy Contest Rules are shown below.
  • The Complete Contest Rules and Regulations can be accessed through the link below.

Quick and Easy Contest Rules

  • The contest is open to all Mississauga small businesses as defined in the Contest Overview, with the exception of:
    • Previous year's contest winners.
    • City of Mississauga employees and members of their households.
    • Anyone directly involved in creating, delivering and/or judging the contest.
  • To be eligible, businesses must have a streetfront location as defined in the Contest Overview
  • Businesses must submit their own entries. Third party nominations will not be accepted.
  • Entries must be submitted online. Entry forms and photographs must be received before the entry deadline.
  • Late and incomplete entries will be disqualified
  • Judging will be in two classes:
    • Inground gardens: any size
    • Container gardens: any size
  • Gardens may be entered in only one class.
  • Outdoor plantings only will be judged. Plantings may be inground or in containers, but must be in soil. A points penalty will be imposed for use of cut flowers or artificial plant materials. An artificial door wreath is acceptable.
  • Plantings may incorporate signage, seating and/or decorative features.
  • Bonus points will be awarded to businesses who plant and/or maintain their gardens entirely by themselves.
  • Preliminary judging will be done from submitted photos. Final on-site judging will take place at the end of July. No advance notice will be given of specific judging times.
  • Business staff must not communicate with judges while judging is in progress.
  • The decision of the judges is FINAL.
  • Streetscape Mississauga reserves the right to withhold any award if, in the judges' opinion, it is not merited.
  • All gardens and personal property therein shall be displayed at the risk of the entrant. The City of Mississauga or its designates shall not be held liable for any loss or damage from any cause whatsoever.
  • Names and addresses of winners and any photos taken of winning gardens shall remain the property of the City of Mississauga and may be published as necessary for promotional and awards purposes.

Complete Contest Rules and Regulations

Click to view: The Complete Contest Rules and Regulations

 How to Enter / Entry Form

  • Entry in this contest is available online only. You are also required to submit 2 digital photographs of your garden as an attachment to your entry. Each photo must be in high resolution, digital format (.jpg Max. 5 Mb)
  • We recommend that you take multiple photos of your garden, then choose the two that represent it the best. One shot should show your business frontage with the garden. The second shot should be more of a close-up, to show plant and colour combinations, an interesting container, or any other special feature.
  • Read all contest criteria, to make sure you are ready to enter.
  • Review your photographs to decide which two you wish to submit.
  • Download the photos from your camera onto your computer.
  • Access the Entry Form and complete all sections. If there is a section that does not apply to you, please enter N/A (not applicable) on the appropriate line. The computer reads empty spaces as an incomplete entry.
  • Upload your photos (as attachments) and submit (send) your entry.

Note: Photos must be submitted with your entry, as an attachment. They cannot be submitted separately, so make sure you have your photos ready when you complete your entry.

Submit only 2 photos. If you submit more, only the first two will be accepted. Additional photos will be erased.

Questions? Email us at or call City of Mississauga General Inquiries at 311

Please note that the Streetscape Mississauga 2013 contest has now closed.

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