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Are you a group leader looking for a new destination? Are you charged with lining up a half day or day long outing? Consider the Museums of Mississauga!

Both Benares Historic House and Bradley Museum are equipped to handle the needs of large groups and cater to the wants of small groups.

Why not book a tour of the splendours of Benares Historic House, then head to Bradley Museum for a delightful tea or light lunch and tour of this 1830 home?

For more information, and to book a tour call 905-615-4860.

Daily Life in Upper Canada
Museums - Spinning
Learn some early 19th century home skills
  Senior Elementary Education Programs
Benares, built in 1857
Learn about Canadian history from Confederation to World War I
  Senior Elementary Education Programs
Christmas in the Backwoods
Learn about early Canadian traditions
Learn about early Canadian traditions at Bradley Museum and Benares
  Seasonal Education Programs
Lest We Forget
Intensive program based on World War I and life on the Home Front
  Senior Elementary to Secondary Education Programs
Mazo Mysteries
Canadian literature studies will never be the same
  Senior Elementary to Secondary Education Programs
Journey to Merigold's Point
Learn about Life in Upper Canada
  Primary/Junior Education Programs