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Take a trip back to the year 1918, and experience the true effect of World War One. "Lest We Forget" introduces students to the Harris family and the local community, focussing on how the war effort affected everyone in the family. Students will explore the challenges and developments that individuals faced on the Home Front and fighting overseas during World War One. intensive education program detailing the history of the ever-changing society, the development of the changing role of children, and the industrial revolution and its impact on families. "Lest We Forget" communicates the impact of World War One on the people of Mississauga, Canada and the world at large. The program consists of a pre-visit to your class, on-site introduction and tour of the Benares Visitor Centre, the video "World War One-Why We Remember", hands-on activities relating to rationing and care boxes, marching exercise--the re-enactment of Vimy Ridge--, a tour of the 'homestead' highlighting technological changes, recap and follow up. (Ties in with the Ontario Curriculum for Grade 8 -10 History and Geography classes, "Canada:A Changing Society; The War Effort"

Cost: $5.00/student

Calling All English Teachers! Are you looking for an interesting experience for your Grade 9 to 12 students a way to make history and fiction come to life? This hands-on program uses MAZO de la Roche and her "JALNA" novels as the basis for a study in Canadian literature.

Students will

  • examine the connections between Benares and JALNA
  • examine the role of history in writing fiction
  • investigate the genre and processes of historical fiction using Benares as a sense of place and inspiration
  • be introduce to creative writing opportunities

(Ties in with the Ontario Curriculum for English, Grades 9 through 12, particularly Grade 11 Canadian Literature and Grades 10 and 12 studying historical fiction.)

Cost: $4.25/student


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