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Facility Contacts

Hershey Centre
5500 Rose Cherry Place
Mississauga, ON
L4Z 4B6
Phone: 905-502-9100 Fax: 905-615-3299

Hershey Centre SportZone Customer Service
905-502-9100 ext. 2895

Facility Bookings & Marketing

Mike Hamilton
Executive Director, General Manager
905-615-3290 or Email Mike Hamilton

Kristine Kubota
Marketing & Booking (Ice Rentals & Major Event Bookings)
905-615-3291 or Email Kristine Kubota

Clara Grassia
Marketing Manager
905-615-3292 or Email Clara Grassia

Box Office

Natalie McBoyle
Manager, Ticketing
905-615-3303 or Email Natalie McBoyle

Lorraine Evans
Assistant Manager, Ticketing
905-615-3903 or Email Lorraine Evans

Building Operations

Dave Barry
Director of Operations
905-615-3293 or Email Dave Barry

Chris Noakes
Event Operations Manager
905-615-3295 or Email Chris Noakes

Craig Codlin
Building Operations Manager
905-615-3296 or Email Craig Codlin

Business Operations/Human Resources/Guest Services

Connie Ede
Assistant General Manager & Director of Business Operations
905-615-3294 or Email Connie Ede

Linda Magdales
Accounting Manager
905-615-3304 or Email Linda Magdales

Jill Topping
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
905-502-9100 ext. 2815 or Email Jill Topping

Stephanie Skretkowski
Guest Services Manager
905-502-9100 ext. 2929 or Email Stephanie Skretkowski

Concessions, Food & Beverage

Janet Jones
Director of Food & Beverage
905-615-3902 or Email Janet Jones

Patti Fawcett
Food & Beverage Business Operations Manager
905-615-3297 or Email Patti Fawcett

Cathy Hambly
Food & Beverage Distribution Manager
905-502-9100 ext. 2940 or Email Cathy Hambly