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The Credit River is a jewel set in the heart of southern Ontario, Canada. The Credit boasts huge runs of Chinook salmon and steelhead as well as some coho, pink and Atlantic salmon.


The steelhead run is estimated to be over 10,000 fish every year.

The steelhead first enter the river in late August with fresh fish still available in mid-May. The credit's steelhead are currently 90% wild fish and that number has been steadily increasing due to the work by the Credit River Anglers Association (CRAA).

The Chinook salmon run is estimated to be around 25,000 adults every year, but their population is controlled mainly through stocking. Coho salmon are uncommon at the present time but our Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) have begun to re-stock them into the Credit River after a nine year lapse. The pink salmon are available in small numbers on odd years, however they are mainly just incidental catches.

In addition to this incredible migratory salmon fishery there is a phenomenal resident fishery for brook trout and brown trout. From the headwaters of the river to a small town called Inglewood the water is perfectly suited for brook trout and brown trout to thrive. Every year there are 18" brook trout taken by angers and brown trout up to 26". The Forks Provincial Park is a wonderful area that offers fishing for both species, as well as incidental catches of rainbows and Atlantic salmon.

Information on this page provided courtesy of the Credit River Anglers Association.