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Awards & Governance


Bradley HouseThe City of Mississauga owns and operates the Museums of Mississauga, and responsibility for the Museums is delegated to City staff and the Museums of Mississauga Advisory Committee (MOMAC). This Committee, which reports to Council, through General Committee has a high-level focus, with a main purpose of providing leadership, vision, advocacy, and continuity of purpose for the Museums of Mississauga. The Friends of the Museums of Mississauga, who take responsibility for fundraising, promotion, and volunteers at the Museums, have representation on MOMAC.

MOMAC and the Museums of Mississauga have adopted the Canadian Museums Association Ethics Guidelines. Click here to find out more about MOMAC.

The Museums of Mississauga are owned and operated by the Culture Division, Community Services, City of Mississauga. Located at 1620 Orr Road, Bradley Museum opened in 1967, and was originally restored and run by volunteers of Heritage Mississauga. Benares Historic House, at 1507 Clarkson Road North, opened to the public in 1995, and was originally donated to the Ontario Heritage Trust by three descendants of Captain James Harris: Geoffrey Harris Sayers, Dora Sayers Caro, and Barbara Sayers Larson.

The Museum are the only institutions in Mississauga which meet the Ministry of Culture's stringent Standards for Community Museums and receive grants through the Ontario Ministry of Culture's Community Museums Operating Grant.


Award of ExcellenceAt The Ontario Museum Association's annual conference in Ottawa, The Friends of the Museums of Mississauga and the Museums of Mississauga received the 2008 Award of Excellence from the Ontario Museums Association for The Log Cabin at Bradley Museum project. This award recognizes the creativity and integrity of both the Friends and the Museums themselves for their cooperative effort on the fundraising campaign, building planning and implementation, and innovative 'Log Cabin Sleepover' children's programs. Click here to view the award criteria.

Log CabinThe Log Cabin at Bradley Museum also received a 2008 Mississauga Urban Design Award of Excellence at a reception held at the Art Gallery of Mississauga on November 4th, 2008. Michael Spazziani, Architect; Irina Polo, Landscape Architect, City of Mississauga; Scott Kelly, LogFarm Building; and Nicholas Holman, Heritage Consultant were all recognized for their contributions. Click here to learn more about he Judging Criteria, competition, and Jury Report.

The Museums were also very proud to have played a small part in Mississauga's winning the National Communities in Bloom Award for cities over 300,000: the judges started their tour of Mississauga with breakfast and a meeting with the City Leadership team in the Log Cabin at Bradley Museum. For more about Communities in Bloom awards, go to: 2008 was the first year for the "My Favourite Mississauga Space" competition as part of the Mississauga Urban Design Award, and the public could vote for their favourite spaces across the City. The Bradley Museum won for Ward Two. Click here to view the winners for each ward can be viewed online.

'Discover Benares Historic House' DVD

Officially launched in July 2010, the Benares DVD Project, received the prestigious Ontario Museums Association Award of Excellence in October! The project has expanded public access and enhanced the visitor experience of Benares Historic House. BulletDetails