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Transcript: Reverend James Magrath to Charley Magrath September 24 1845
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Title: Transcript: Reverend James Magrath to Charley Magrath September 24 1845
Identifier: 2005.1.119.21
Donor: Geoffrey and Kathleen Sayers
Item Date: 1960-1970
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A double-spaced typewritten transcript of a letter dated at Drindale Sept. 24, 1945 (should read Erindale and 1845) from Rev. James Magrath to his son Charley in Ireland. James Magrath warns his son not to take passage on one of those “bumboats” and risk his life for the saving of a few pounds. He gives an account of the Eveline “foundering at sea, when Providence sent a vessel to their aid, who took 150 people off her, only two hours before she went to the bottom, they saved their lives but lost all their property”. He begs Charley “by that deference you have always shown to the desires of your Father, that you will take your passage either on a steamer or at least a liner”. James wants Charley to spend a few days in the County of Carlow. He mentions his brother Tom is going to Montreal for medical help and “We all strongly recommended him to go on to New York, to get the best advice there about his liver & stomach, as he was not thriving here”. He regrets that Charley will not be home in time for the Assizes early next month as their case will be up. Cox, Cameron, and Dean will be out. The reverse of the pages is printed with stock market graphs.

Reverend James Magrath and his family emigrated from Ireland in 1827. He left Ireland hoping to secure a prosperous future for his family. Reverend Magrath became the first Rector of St. Peter’s Anglican Church in what was then known as Springfield-on-the-Credit. He ministered over an area which now encompasses Mississauga, Oakville and part of Burlington. James worked diligently to serve the needs of both his family and his congregation. The family cleared the 700 acres allotted to them and built a home which they called Erindale. All of his sons; Thomas, James Jr, Charles and William prospered in prestigious positions in the community. In 1844 Charles returned to Ireland to look after family business. He returned to Canada 2 years later. The Magrath’s only daughter Anna, never married but looked after her family home and helped raise her brother William’s 3 daughters after their mother died.
These transcripts were typed by Kathleen Sayers, wife of Geoffrey Sayers, whose interest in family history led her to transcribe original papers, letters, newspaper clippings, transcripts and research notes relating to Geoffrey's maternal lineage. Geoffrey was the grandson of Arthur Harris and Mary Harris (nee Magrath). The original documents are held by the Peel Heritage Complex.
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