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Photograph- C.V.R. Station
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Title: Photograph- C.V.R. Station
Identifier: 2006.4.3.7
Date Built: 1914
Donor: City of Mississauga
Item Date: 1960-1990
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: Black and white glossy photo of the Credit Valley Railway Station in Streetsville. The image shows a rectangular building with a round turret at one end. There is a window in the turret and along the front and side of the station. The building has a dark roof and light walls. It is situated on a street corner and has some trees to one side of it.

According to the book entitled "Mississauga’s Heritage: The Formative Years 1798-1879", the Credit Valley Railway Station was built in 1879 on the west side of Mississauga Road, north of Britannia Road. The Railway in Credit Valley was built in communities that had no access to the Great Western Railway (1855 or the Grand Trunk Railway in 1856. In 1884, the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) took over the CVR and built a new station in 1914 in Streetsville. The CVR station was bought by a man named Ephraim Evans and converted into a residence. "Mississauga’s Heritage: The Formative Years 1798-1879" (Recreation and Parks Department: Mississauga, 1983), 78.
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