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Beam Auger
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Title: Beam Auger
Identifier: 2008.27.1
Donor: Fred Nogas
Item Date: 1900-1920
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A large beam auger that has a iron shank fitted through a hole in the cross wise wooden handle for turning. The iron shank ends in a 21 cm long screw. The shank is threaded through the handle and held in place with a nut and bolt. The handle is split horizontally (42 cm) along one side - a slit that widens to 5 mm. The handle has rounded ends and is slightly bow shaped on one side.

Items belonged to Fred Nogas which he collected over the past 50 years. Fred was originally from the Niagara region and some of these tools belonged to his grandfather who had a farm in the area. Others were bought in Mississauga and various places in southern Ontario. Fred has lived in Clarkson since 1960 where he kept this collection of tools.

An auger is a hand tool that has a threaded shank and cross handle and is used for boring holes in wood. They would be used by carpenters before the use of the electric drill. This is also called a 'nut auger' because it has a nut used to fasten the wooden handle. A carpenter would probably have a collection of different sized bits to secure onto this auger for different types of projects.
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