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Title: Camisole
Identifier: X964.100.125
Donor: Unknown
Item Date: 1890-1930
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: White cotton camisole with 3 pearl buttons fastened on front. Row of Shamrock pattern lace and yellow ribbon forms. Drawstring neckline, three more rows of lace and yellow ribbon insertion across front. Lace around arm holes.

A camisole is a woman's undergarment which covers the top part of the body. It is sleeveless and tight fitting in contrast to a loose-fitting chemise. Camisole is sometimes worn cropped allowing midriff exposure, but often covers the entire torso. Camisoles are manufactured from satin or silk, or stretch materials such as lycra, nylon, or spandex, though cotton based materials are more common. _http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camisole_

Camisoles were developed during the Victorian era as the solution to the bulkyness of the chemise. The camisole was light and short. Woman soon discovered that they could effectively hide their corsets without also adding weight. Camisoles hid the corset well and also kept the illusion of being "thin." _http://EzineArticles.com/3617008_
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