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Rocking Chair
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Title: Rocking Chair
Identifier: 983.16.2
Donor: Angela Quintal
Item Date: 1850-1920
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: Hardwood rocking chair with high curved back. There is an open square in the upper half of the chair back that would originally have had a cane in it. The lower half of the back consists of a set of 4 turned spindles. The arms of the chair are curved and rest on the seat rails, the seat is broad with a leather surface. Front posts and rungs of chair are turned; there are 2 rungs on each side of the chair and one at the back.

The rocking chair is said to have originated in North America during the early eighteenth century. Benjamin Franklin is often attributed as the creator of these chairs, although no historical evidence exists to prove this fact. The first rocking chairs appeared in England in 1725 and Windsor rocker were the first popular model of these chairs. After the mid eighteenth century, the wicker chair design was widely sought after as well. By the mid nineteenth century onwards, various rocking chair models were used throughout Europe and North America including bentwood rocking chairs and folding rocking chairs, which appeared after the 1920s. Rocking chairs are still widely used today.
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For more information, see: http://www.designboom.com/eng/education/rockingchair.html
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