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Photograph: Old Town, Edinburgh from Princes St. 304
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Title: Photograph: Old Town, Edinburgh from Princes St. 304
Identifier: 2001.5.12
Donor: Geoffrey Sayers
Item Date: 1870-1876
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A black and white photograph titled: 'Old Town, Edinburgh from Princes St 304' with the photographer's emblem. It depicts a cityscape. In the foreground is a cut stone and iron bridge over rail tracks. There are two freight trains on the tracks below the bridge. Across the bridge in the background of the photo is a city with various stone and brick buildings are various sizes with most of them at least 5 storeys high.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is the home to the Parliament of Scotland. The city is divided into two different sections, the New Town and the Old Town. Old Town is the medieval in origin while New Town dates to the 18th century. Together they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The New Town is now the major home of the shopping and entertainment areas, while the Old Town is near Holyrood and contains most of the political and business areas. Princes Street is one of the major thoroughfares in central Edinburgh, Scotland, and its main shopping street. It is the southernmost street of Edinburgh's New Town. The street has virtually no buildings on the south side, allowing panoramic views of the Old Town, Edinburgh Castle, and the valley between. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Town,_Edinburgh

Travelerís in the 1870ís could not take their own photographs, so professional photographers would create albums with photos like these and sell them to travelers to commemorate their journey. In 1871 Elizabeth (Bessie) and Annie Harris (daughters of James Beveridge and Elizabeth) traveled to Europe to do a tour of Scotland, Ireland and England. In 1876, Lucy and Arthur Harris traveled to Scotland to visit their aunts in Perthshire. James Beveridge Harrisís sisters, Margaret Patton and Matilda Lindsay, both lived at Rose Terrace, Perth, with their cousin Margaret Anne Patton in the 1870s and 1880s. These photos could have come from any of those trips or have been sent by the Aunts, to the family at Benares.
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