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Letter: Molly to Kay Sayers Jan 8 1971
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Title: Letter: Molly to Kay Sayers Jan 8 1971
Identifier: 2004.2.260 a-c
Donor: Geoffrey Sayers
Item Date: 1971
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A letter written to Kay Sayers from Molly containing information regarding the Radenhurst family. (a) A plain envelope, with 'Geoffrey H. Sayers, Suite 300 - 425 University Avenue, Toronto 2, Ontario.' In capital letters across the front, in blue ink, reads "RADENHURST". (b) A letter written to Kay Sayers, from Molly [?]. Addressed and dated "4105 Cote des neiges, Apt. 4, Montreal 109, P.Q. January 8/71". The letter reads "Dear Kay, Am afraid this is a somewhat tardy acknowledgement of your kindness in taking the trouble of typing out the details re the Radenhurst, Ridout, Draper families, etc. from Aunt Edes family bible. My brothers, Hal and George, each have one of the large old bibles containing many records which go back to the early days. Have not seen either of them since xmas and know they will be most interested in these records. In connection with Mary Campbell who married Thomas Ridout, Aunt Ede told us that through her we were, way back, related to the Duke of Argyle, as her father Alexander Campbell was brother to the third Duke of Argyle and he came to the United States, prior to the revolution and fled to Canada where his daughter Mary married Thomas Ridout. Just copied the above paragraph from some of my records. I think I told Anne that when in London last July I went to the College of Arms and arranged for them to trace back the Draper family. They warned it would take some time as they have a long list of similar requests for family records but as now that was six months ago, am hoping I may hear from them soon and will let you know of any interesting [top of last page ripped off]. We always thought Bev was Beverly Draper Sayers but imagine the Charles “first” must be correct. Your grandma's name is not in Hal's bible but I may find her correct name in George's when I get to Rosemere. Again many thanks for your work. My best wishes to you all at Clarkson. Affectionately Molly." (C) An old Belmont cigarette box, opened up and written on as note paper. The note is written in black ink, and reads, "Ancestral Roof p. 216. Inge-Va in Perth bought in 1832 by Thos. Radenhurst. It was in the lovely garden of this fine old home the last fatal deed in Zepper Canada was taught."

Letter was written by Molly to Kay Sayers regarding family information about the Radenhurst, Ridout and Draper families that were taken from Aunt Ede family bible. The Harris family married into the Draper family with the marriage of Annie Harris (1882-1986) to Beverly Draper Sayers (1883-1976) in 1906.

The item is part of a box of original papers, letters, transcripts and research notes complied and transcribed by Geoffrey and Kathleen Sayers. Geoffrey Sayers and his wife Kathleen (née Colloton) occupied Benares from 1969 until 1981. During that time, they acted as care takers of the estate on behalf of the Ontario Heritage Foundation. They kept a small display of artifacts in the kitchen, and opened up the house once a year to the public. He also maintained the Benares financial affairs in 1932 for Naomi (Na) and Mary, who were unable to do so themselves. Along with sisters Dora Sayers and Barbara Sayers Larson, Geoff donated Benares to the Museums of Mississauga in 1995.
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