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Letter: Mary Edith Grant (?) to Mr. Osbourn
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Title: Letter: Mary Edith Grant (?) to Mr. Osbourn
Identifier: 2004.2.263
Donor: Geoffrey Sayers
Item Date: 1900-1912
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A letter to Mr. Osbourn. It reads, "I think you know as much if not more about the Grants Clan as I do. I have no papers. My father never talked much about his relations but did say we were related to the third Duke of Argyle. My knowledge of Archie Campbell is the same as yours. The Leib-Grants you spoke of I do not know. He would have been my fathers age - might have been a cousin as he had only two brothers Tom and John both younger than himself and they died very young. My Grand Father Charles Grant came from Caethiners, a Capt. In 41 Highland. ? Married his cousin Catherine Campbell, a U.E.L. daughter of Alex Campbell and Janets Spiers (you mothers sister) went back to Edinburgh when my father and all the family were born. My father came out at 18 to his Aunt Mrs. Ridout wife of the major gen and mother of the T.G. Ridout you speak of. He married his cousin Annie Radenhurst daughter of John R - 8" kings Devon my who fought - in the war of 1812 - my F was Capt. In the militia time of Pub If you are in town and there is any further you wish to call and I will be pleased to see you. Please excuse delay also this writing as I have been ill. Sincerely yours." The letter is written on legal sized note paper, lined, with a margin.

This letter was likely written by the Mary Edith Grant, daughter of Alexander Grant. Alexander Grant was born April 28th 1813 and was the Registrar of the Court of Chancery of Upper Canada and Ontario, and later the Registrar of the Court of Appeal for Ontario. He was an official at Osgoode Hall (Toronto University). He was married to Annie Radenhurst. Grant’s daughter Mary Edith Grant (1849-1912) was a long time resident of Toronto and close friend of Kate Sayers, Helen Sayers and Edith Draper. Kate Sayers (nee Draper) was Beverly Draper Sayers mother and mother-in-law to Annie Sayers neé Harris.

The item is part of a box of original papers, letters, transcripts and research notes complied and transcribed by Geoffrey and Kathleen Sayers. Geoffrey Sayers and his wife Kathleen (née Colloton) occupied Benares from 1969 until 1981. During that time, they acted as care takers of the estate on behalf of the Ontario Heritage Foundation. They kept a small display of artifacts in the kitchen, and opened up the house once a year to the public. He also maintained the Benares financial affairs in 1932 for Naomi (Na) and Mary, who were unable to do so themselves. Along with sisters Dora Sayers and Barbara Sayers Larson, Geoff donated Benares to the Museums of Mississauga in 1995.
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