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Grease Can
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Title: Grease Can
Identifier: 990.4.1
Donor: Mr. Jules Lalumiere
Item Date: 1959
Creation Date: 2012
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A can of water pump grease and a oil can dispenser. Grease can made out of metal and is cylindrical in shape. Paper label wraps around can and has colours of green, red and white. Label on the back reads "This Grease has been manufactured to meet exacting lubrication requirements of modern equipment". This can still has its contents inside. Stamped on the front is "Water Pump Grease".

These cans of automotive grease were made at the Port Credit refinery.

In 1932 L.B. Lloyd bought property from M.J. Haney to build an oil refinery. This property was located on the west side of the Credit River on the former lands where the Port Credit Brick Works once stood. Through the years a wide variety of operators controlled the refinery including Good Rich Oil, Trinidad Leaseholds and eventually Texaco Canada Ltd. Texaco ran the refinery until it closed down in 1985.
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