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Iron, Curling
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Title: Iron, Curling
Identifier: 980.7.2 ab
Donor: Margaret Lawrence
Item Date: 1850 - 1950
Creation Date: 2012
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A fork-shaped metal curling iron that opens in the same way as scissors. It has wooden handles that are slipped onto metal ends. One length of the iron prong is round, while the other is curved and fits around the former.

Individuals have been curling hair as early as ancient times. Men from Babylonia and Assyria had a habit of crimping and curling their beards, while Egyptian nobles had curling irons to curl their elaborate wigs. One of the first recorded patents given to a curling iron was in 1866 to Hiram Maxim. These early forms of curling irons involved heating tongs over a fireplace or stovetop. In 1959 Rene Lelievre and Roger Lemoine invented the electric curling iron. Source: www.ezinearticles.com and www.fashion-era.com
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