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Title: Mesh Purse
Identifier: A.63.68
Donor: Mrs. A.B. Dixon
Item Date: 1876-1915
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2007
Location: Museums of Mississauga

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Description: A silver chain mail purse with a long silver chain mail with arched metal carved rim and a chain handle. It is painted black and white in a checkered pattern in beads at the bottom. Pale blue lining has been added to the inside. 'Made in Canada' is stamped on the inside of the rim and mesh. 'Whiting & Davis Co. Bags' is stamped on the opposite side. The lower outer edge of the purse zigzags and pieces of the chain mail are separated.

History: The earliest mesh bags were handmade in the 1700ís, but their popularity did not start growing until the 19th century. The most popular material used to make these bags was German silver, gunmetal, or sterling. The most famous maker of mesh bags is the Whiting and Davis Company, who started making them in 1876 and continue to make mesh products today. At first they were hand made, making them more expensive and for the elite, but in 1912 an automatic mesh machine was invented, of which Whiting and Davis purchased the patent. Soon, mesh bags could be purchased by the average person due to their mass-production. For more information, see: http://www.fashion-and-style.org/page-1/history-of-mesh-handbags.html; http://www.whitinganddavis.com/default.htm
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