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Title: Hat
Identifier: 2008.14.1
Donor: Alison Dicks
Item Date: c.1950
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2008

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Description: The cream-coloured hat has a pill-box shaped crown with a small brim. It is trimmed with black polka-dot netting ruched around the brim and held in place with a fake leaf-and-pearl-buds cluster of white fabric and plastic. The straw-like fabric of the hat is probably synthetic. Inside the hat brim is a grosgrain tape sewn by machine. Attempts to reduce the size of the crown have been made with pins holding cotton fabric and tissue paper. A black cord elastic is attached to the grosgrain tape at each side of the hat, stopped from slipping out of the band with plastic sheathing on the ends (like a shoe lace). A label inside the crown reads: "M (enclosed in a circle) Sidell Models".

HISTORY:This hat belonged to the donor's grandmother. Alison Dicks' parents were John Sproule and Avnell Scarff Sproule. Her parents lived on the ‘Honey Farm’ that was located across the street from the Pinchin property. The 1950s style bungalow is located at 4390 Mississauga Road.

Alison’s father, John, provided honey for the Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival. Mr. Sproule was also a groundskeeper of Glenerin, now known as the Glenerin Inn. In 1932 Mr. Sproule took over as Estate Manager after the owner of the house, William Waston Evans, passed away. Alison grew up around the area of Glenerin and it is documented that her family lived in the Gate house. Mr. Sproule also helped out with the grounds of the ‘pioneer cemetery’ located at Mississauga Road and Dundas Street and was involved with the upkeep of Erindale Community Hall.
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