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Title: Sailor Doll
Identifier: 2003.2.191
Donor: Barbara Larson
Item Date: 1937
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A sailor doll with 'Queen Elizabeth 2' on the navy hatband. The top of the hat is white. The doll has a solidly filled head with fabric moulded into dimensional face, with a nose and cheeks with dimples. The eyes, eyebrows, and mouth are painted in a cheerful expression. The sailor wears a navy top with a sailor collar and lanyard around his neck above navy bell bottom trousers. The navy fabric has a velour texture. History: A memento from Barbara's voyage back from her tour of Europe, on the Queen Elizabeth 2. Barbara Sayers Larson (1920-) went on a tour of Europe in 1937 as part of her education. Barbara's grandfather, Arthur Harris (1943-1932), left money for her to go on this trip as he had done this for his own two daughters, Annie (1882-1986) and Naomi (1883-1968), and Barbara's sister, Dora (1915-). The whole trip cost less than $1,000, which included clothing. The trip was part of the Overseas Education League, and all members of the tour received a pin. On this trip there were five men and twenty women. Barbara recalls being unpopular with some of the girls as her boyfriend, Melville Gooderham, was one of the men on board. The ship coming across was the Duchess of Athol, and coming home was The Queen Elizabeth 2. The trip across took seven days. Her chaperone was Mrs. Touvell, who stayed in first class while the rest of the students were in 2nd class, which helped them have a good time. The tour went to Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, England, and Scotland. The pewter vase was a gift for her mother bought in Sweden at Skanson Gardens, and the salt and pepper shaker were from Denmark. The stuffed dog she also bought came from Sweden. Barbara recalls that this trip was a lot of fun, with congo lines and parties as well as a bus tour around Loch Lommand. She had a pigeon land on her head in Trafalgar Square. One of her friends on the trip was Barbara Hepburn, who recalls having to do life jacket drills on the deck of the boat. Barbara continued to date Melville Gooderham after this vacation. They were engaged in 1938, and married in 1939. Items donated by Barbara Sayers Larson. Barbara Larson is the daughter of Annie Harris (1882-1986) and Beverly Sayers (1882-1976) and granddaughter of Arthur (1843-1932) and Mary (1859-1954) Harris. Barbara was born January 27, 1920 and was the youngest of three children. Barbara and her siblings, Geoffrey Sayers (1907-1997) and Dora Sayers Caro (1915-) donated Benares to the Ontario Heritage Foundation in 1969 after inheriting it from their aunt, Naomi Harris (1883-1968). Many of the items donated by Barbara originally belonged to her mother or Aunt Naomi and came from Benares. Barbara lived in the log cabin originally given to her parents by her grandparents at 1723 Birchwood Drive. Barbara still maintains a close tie with Benares and is now living in Kelowna, British Columbia with her daughter.
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