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Title: Book – Queen of the Meadow
Identifier: 979.6.1386
Donor: Geoffrey H. Sayers
Item Date: 1889
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A hard covered book, with a coloured illustration on the front cover of a young girl holding an apron full of blue flowers. She is standing in a meadow, with birds flying around her. The title and author information is above the illustration and to the right. On the cover page, there is an inscription that reads: 'For Dear little Anne, Wishing her many happy returns of the day, from, Aunt Min. Sept. 12th 1889.' There is a distributor's sticker upside down in the upper left corner of the cover page. The sticker has a blue and white design, is diamond shaped, and reads: 'Williamson and Co., 5 King St. West, Toronto'. The book consists of short poems with corresponding coloured illustrations. The last page has a black and white illustration of a young child holding a doll. The back cover has a coloured illustration of lambs sleeping in a meadow, with one lamb standing in the foreground. History: Minnie is the Aunt of Annie Harris. Isabel Annie Magrath Crickmore was the youngest daughter of Christiana Sutherland (1831-1860) and William Melchoir Magrath (1817-1888) and was the grand-daughter of Reverend James Magrath (1769 1851), who was the first rector of St. Peter's Anglican Church in Erindale. Isabel survived childbirth although her mother died a few months after. Affectionately known as Minnie, Isabel and her sisters were raised at Erindale Estate by their aunt, Anna Cordelia (1819-1895), after their mother's death. Isabel married Edwin Crickmore in 1887 at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Erindale. Isabel and Edwin were the last couple to be married in the old wooden framed church before it was rebuilt in brick. Isabel had five children. Annie Harris Sayers (1882-1986) was born in 1882, to Arthur and Mary Harris (née Magrath), of Benares. Annie and her younger sister Naomi were raised in an atmosphere of upper middle class comfort. They were educated at home by governesses, and then were sent to Miss Dupont's School for Ladies in Toronto, where they stayed with their aunts throughout the week. As Annie and Naomi grew up, Benares was a frequent area for lawn tennis matches, weekend parties, and croquet games on the lawn. Annie Harris married Beverly Sayers in 1906, and together they built a house on the southern part of the Benares Estate, given to them by Annie's parents. After their marriage ended in 1925, Annie continued to live in the 'Log Bungalow', raising her three children alone. Annie and Beverly had three children: Geoffrey, (1907-1998); Dora, (1915-2004); and Barbara, (1920-). Annie was known as a very creative, generous, and sweet woman. She celebrated her 100th birthday in 1982 with a large party at Benares. She lived to be 104, dying in 1986. She is buried at Spring Creek Cemetery in Clarkson.
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