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Title: Photograph - Lido Deck, Brant Inn, Burlington, Ontario
Identifier: 2007.7.18
Donor: Mr. Don Herridge
Item Date: 1950
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: Blue and cream folder with the name 'Lido Deck, Brant Inn, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. In a rectangle edged with lines to resemble an envelope with rope edging. 'Stars' and 'waves' also decorate the folder front. On the back is printed "Souvenir Photo, remembrance of a pleasant evening at Brant Inn". Other instructions for ordering copies is also on the back of the folder. "Additional copies may be obtained from Photographer Brant Inn, Burlington. Please refer to number on back of photograph", "NO. 9698". The black and white photo shows a group of 6 couples at a table littered with glasses, bottles and ashtrays. The men in the group are all wearing dark jackets and ties, two of whom are smoking. The ladies are all wearing dresses. Behind them a curtain with sailboats on it covers a window. A note shows the people in the photo are from left to right: Joe Herod (?) who owned a gas station and his wife Emily; Bill and Lottie Zale (Lottie standing), Enid Speck (sitting); Dell Pattinson (standing); June Patterson, Bob Speck, Viola Herridge (on lap), Lloyd Herridge, John Patterson, Gord Pattinson. History: This item was donated by the Herridge family, long time residents of Mississauga and owners of Herridge Market on Southdown Road in Clarkson. Lloyd Coulson Herridge (1912-1988) and his wife Viola née Ehrhardt (1912-2004) had six children; Lois, Ross, Don, Bruce, Jim and Jane (Jane donated these items on behalf of her family). All members of the family worked at the market and it still continues to be a family run business with Don Herridge and his family now managing the market. Lloyd Herridge and all of his children attended Clarkson School on Clarkson Road South. Don Herridge. Lloyd, aside from operating the market, worked for the Public Utilities Commission and was also involved in local politics. He served as a Deputy Reeve and Reeve and was a close friend of former mayor of Toronto Township Robert Speck.
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