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Title: Toilet Paper – Majestic
Identifier: 995.2.11
Donor: Purchased
Item Date: 1860-1880
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: Rectangular toilet paper wrapped in paper packaging. The paper covering is ripped on upper left hand corner. The package is white and blue and is still sealed. the front cover has "MAJESTIC" in capital letters across a blue band with ribbons and a circle with the writing " Pure Medicated Toilet" in the centre. On one side of the packaging it says "The consumption of paper is the measure of a nation's culture"; the other side says "Toilet paper is of great Medical and Sanitary value, and pronounced by the Medical profession: The greatest boon the art of paper making has developed." The back is plain white. History: The first recorded use of toilet paper dates back to the 14th century when Chinese Emperors ordered it in 2 x 3 foot sheets. Toilet paper was first patented in the United States in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty of New York. It was cut into squares and packaged in boxes. The sheets were pre-moistened and medicated with aloe. It was named Gayetty’s Medicated Paper and his name was printed on every sheet. The first toilet paper roll was patented by Walter Alcock in England during the 1880’s. However, some sources attribute the introduction of the roll to the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company or Scott Paper Company. The toilet paper that we know today--soft and fluffy--was introduced around 1907; 2-ply toilet paper was not introduced until 1942.
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