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Title: Pencil Sharpener
Identifier: 995.2.16
Donor: Purchased
Item Date: 1906-1910
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A brass and metal pencil sharpener. The sharpening blade is at one end and is made of metal (steel?). The body is brass and has a handle that looks like the letter M. It has two prongs to attach onto something (pencil?). The handle is impressed "SIMPLEX". The blade is impressed: "Eagle Pencil Co. New York". History: The Eagle Pencil Company began in 1856 by Heinrich Berolzheimer who had immigrated from Furth, Germany to New York City shortly before founding the company. In 1861 the company was run by Henry Berlozheimer (most likely his son) and by 1864 it opened an office in London, England. This successful company continued to grow with a larger factory built in 1900, and started factories in other countries including Mexico (1931), Canada, Colombia (1956) and Venezuela (1962). The symbol for the company was the Eagle chosen to represent the founderís new freedom after moving to the United States. The original Eagle Pencil Company factory closed in 1958; however, Eagle produced a number of pencils under different names. In 1969, Eagle changed its name to Berol Pencil Company. This new name was an Americanized version of the familyís German surname. Berol purchased Venus Pencil in 1971. In 1987, Berol was acquired by the Empire Pencil Company of Shelbyville, Tennessee. The Eagle Pencil Company was the first to introduce eraser tipped pencils (1872). It also made many things other than pencils including sharpeners, fountain pens, pencil holders and pen nibs. See: www.lionandpen.com/sterling/eagle.html.
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