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Title: Ink Bottle
Identifier: 995.2.7
Donor: Purchased
Item Date: 1890-1930
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A clear square glass ink bottle with wood and cork lid. The bottle has a rounded neck at the top of a square bottle. The label is red, gold, white, and black paper. It reads "Carter's Red Household Ink, Reg. U.S.pat. off". The lid is a circular piece of wood with scalloped edges with a tubular cork attached underneath which fits inside the bottle. There are remnants of red ink inside. History: The Carter's Ink Company was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by John W. Carter in 1858. The company's main stay was ink but they also produced "Cico" paste and in the 1920's they manufactured fountain pens relying on the reputation of their ink. During the depression, competition and a diminishing market lead to the last fountain pen being produced in 1932. The company abandoned pen manufacturing and re-focused on ink and other related supplies. The Carter's Ink Company used cutting edge marketing in its heyday and the ink bottles, advertising signs and ephemera as well as the fountain pens themselves are considered highly collectible. The Carter's Ink Company name still survives under the parent company, Dennison.
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