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Title: Set of Encyclopedias: 'The Book of Knowledge'
Identifier: 2004.7.2a-u
Donor: John and Joyce McGurn
Item Date: 1922-1931
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A wooden shelf, which holds a 20 volume set of children's encyclopaedias, entitled 'The Book of Knowledge'. (a) The shelf has a hard flat top, with two shelves underneath, sloped towards the back. Each shelf has two wooden bars across the back, which holds the books in place, so they will not slide out the back of the unit. Each shelf can hold up to 10 volumes perfectly. (b - u) 20 volumes of 'The Book of Knowledge'. The encyclopaedias were edited by Arthur Mee, R. Bruce Taylor, and H.J. Cody. They were published by The Grolier Society, Limited, Toronto. The set is called 'The Maple Leaf Edition'. Each book has a burgundy vinyl hard cover, with gold lettering on the spine, with the title, volume number, number of pages, and a gold maple leaf design beneath. The front of the cover has an embossed title, with an embossed illustration of the world below it, depicting North America. The main title page has the above information, as well as a list of the departments that each volume covers in its contents. The contents include the earth, plant life, animal life, human life, wonder, literature, fine arts, countries, Canada, U.S.A., men and women, famous books, stories, poetry, and more. This is followed by a list of acknowledgements. Each book has black and white images throughout the text. (b) V. 1, pp. 1-384. (c) V. 2, pp. 385-772. (d) V. 3, pp. 773-1158. (e) V. 4, pp. 1159-1532. (f) V. 5, pp. 1533-1904. (g) V. 6, pp. 1905-2280. (h) V. 7, pp. 2281-2652. (I) V. 8, pp. 2683-3024. (j) V. 9, pp. 3025-3396. (k) V. 10, pp. 3397-3772. (L) V. 11, pp. 3773-4144. (m) V. 12, pp. 4145-4516. (n) V. 13, pp. 4517-4888. (o) V. 14, pp. 4889-5272. (p) V. 15, pp. 5273-5652. (q) V. 16, pp. 5653-6036. ( r) V. 17, pp. 6037-6424. (s) V. 18, pp. 6425-6840. (t) V. 19, pp. 6541-7248. (u) V. 20, index, pp. 7249-7697. Page 7695-96 is missing (torn out). History: The donor's father was a refrigerator repair man in the Guelph area c. 1930-60. He would sometimes receive payment in barter, including this set of books.
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