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Title: Framed Painting
Identifier: 2006.5.5
Donor: Marilyn Varcose
Item Date: 1890-1920
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A framed landscape painting. The scene (49.0 x 38.0 cm) is of two castle turrets and a cottage with a red roof. The scene is in dark blues and greens with dark clouds in the sky. There is a small section of light sky and a light blue lake on the proper left. Mother-of-pearl is inlaid for the interior light on one turret and the door of the cottage. The painting appears to be in oil. The frame is brown, and ornately carved with gold accents, but the designs on it are made of plaster. The inner frame is 7.0 cm wide, the outer frame is 7.0 cm wide. The inner frame has three different patterns - first a small scroll design, then a geometric criss-cross design and finally larger scroll work. The outer edge is heavy scroll work, slightly recessed from the inner frame. The frame is chipped, dirty and discoloured. A glass insert covers the painting. On the back, one long edge of the frame has a 50.0 cm long crack. The back of the painting is covered in corrugated cardboard held in place with nails. Two pieces of twisted rusty wire (72.0 cm and 32.0 cm long) are attached to eye loops on the back. The wire is broken in the middle. The frame and style of painting matches 2004.4.2. History: This painting likely belonged to Margaret Denison. The Denison family has a long history in Mississauga with five generations living on the original property first settled by Margaret and Daniel Denison. Daniel's parents had emigrated from England and he was born here. He settled on land that extended from the QEW to the end of Indian Road, which he left to his two sons, Cecil and Burt, who divided the land. Cecil took the lower portion of the original farm and built his house at 1029 Indian Road in Lorne Park (completed in 1922).Daniel died in 1914 and Margaret lived with her son, Cecil, in this house until her death in 1941.
Copyright: Museums of Mississauga
Rights & Permissions: Museums of Mississauga
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