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Title: Nine Patch Quilt
Identifier: 2006.5.13
Donor: Marilyn Varcose
Item Date: 1870-1875
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: A pieced, block-patterned quilt, commonly called 'Nine Patch' in which nine squares are put together to make larger quilt squares, which are in turn sewn together to make the quilt top. This quilt which belonged to Margaret Denison may have been made by her about 1870. The colours are purple, mauve, tan, beige, black and dark blue. The blocks of nine patch are separated by vertical and horizontal strips of alternating rectangles and squares. The whole quilt is over-stitched by hand with concentric fan-shaped arches in black thread. The quilt has a tan fabric backing. History: Pieced quilts, known as patchwork in earlier times, refer to fabric scraps sewn together in blocks which were then assembled to make a quilt top. This top usually does not incorporate a wide border in its earliest styles. The earliest pieced quilts were usually made in large geometric shapes which then led to the popularity of block patterns--undivided square blocks which could easily be sewn together to form a variety of basic styles and designs. Nine patch quilts are easy designs for beginning quilters and pioneer children were often started on this type of quilt as soon as they could hold a needle. This quilt which belonged to Margaret Denison may have been made by her about 1870. The Denison family has a long history in Mississauga with five generations living on the original property first settled by William and Hannah Denison upon emigrating from England. They brought four children with them from England and had four more children when they settled in here. William bought crown land (100 acres) from the QEW to the north and Indian Road to the south. Their son Daniel was born here in 1854 and became the owner of the land. William died in 1880 and Hannah died in 1881. Daniel married Margaret and they had two sons, Bert and Cecil. Cecil was born in 1887. The land was divided and Cecil was given the lower portion of the original farm and built a house (1029 Indian Road in Lorne Park) which was completed in 1922. Daniel died in 1914 and Margaret lived with her son, Cecil in his house until her death in 1941. Alan Denison is the son of Cecil and Elizabeth born April 20, 1922 and is the donor's father. He died September 4, 2004. Alan married Evelyn Ward in 1945. She was born May 19, 1920 and died October 20, 2001. Alan and Evelyn had four daughters, Marjorie, Marilyn, Freda and Janet.
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