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Millennium Grove within Dunn Park

The Millennium Grove is to be a reference site for residents, visitors and students to view a systematic collection of native Southern Ontario trees in a passive park setting. The Grove is the start of a new awareness, appreciation and education of our environment through the recognition of such species. Residents participating in the planting of the Millennium Grove are reestablishing native species for future generations.

The Millennium Grove covers an approximate area of 1.23 hectares (3 acres). Trees are arranged on an arc pattern representing the typical growth rings of trees, and will be spaced to allow each species to grow to their full form. There are forty-three (43) native species represented in the Grove. Over thirty species were planted in 2000, the rest of the trees were planted in two subsequent events which took place in 2001, 2002. Once the Grove is complete, there will be other opportunities to plant some of the more sensitive Carolinian species in the valley and other open areas in the park.

1. Eastern Redbud16. Red Maple31. Balsam Poplar
2. Black Cherry17. Ironwood32. White Cedar
3.Witch Hazel18. Blue Beech33. Red Elm
4. Black Willow19. Black Ash34. Red Oak
5. Juneberry20. Hackberry35. Sycamore
6. Speckled Alder21. American Beech36. Butternut
7. Tamarack22. Bitternut Hickory37. White Pine
8. White Birch23. Fireberry Hawthorn38. Black Walnut
9. White Spruce24. Shagbark Hickory39. Swamp White Oak
10. Mountain Ash25. White Elm40. Bur Oak
11. Trembling Aspen26. American Basswood41. White Oak
12. Largetooth Aspen27. Sugar Maple42. Black Oak
13. Yellow Birch28. Silver Maple43. Sassafras
14. Green Ash29. White Ash 
15. Eastern Hemlock30. Black Maple 

The Residents of the City of Mississauga would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the following partners for their contributions in the Millennium Grove Project:

Natural Resources Canada - Canadian Forest Service, Friends of the Environment Foundation, The City of Mississauga.

Dunn Park
The Dunn property, which is approximately 2.61 hectares (6.45 acres) in size, was bequeathed to the City of Mississauga in 1996 by Mr. George Dunn. One of the desires of Mr. Dunn was that the lands are maintained in a park-like condition at all times. Various park sites within the City were reviewed to host the Millennium Grove, and Dunn Park was selected as the preferred option. The Millennium Grove complements the historic and natural significance of the Dunn property and aligns with the wishes expressed within Mr. Dunn's will.

Future Park Improvements
Future plans for the rest of the park include leaving the site very close to its natural state with improvements being made to formalize a pathway system connecting into the surrounding community and existing trail systems. Most of the park and valley will be left as meadow or open areas. A plaque will be located within the park to commemorate Mr. Dunn for his generous donation to the City, and acknowledge some of the historic and natural features of the site. Also proposed for the park are a parking lot and naturalized plantings. Funding has been proposed in 2002 in the 2000 to 2009 Capital Budget and Forecast for completion of the park and Sawmill valley pathway system including a pedestrian bridge.

Rhododendron Gardens
Rhododendron Garden
An extremely rare and beautiful collection of hybrid Rhododendrons, which can be found blooming from mid May to mid June.
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