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Document: King's Order to Militia Regiments November 29 1840
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Title: Document: King's Order to Militia Regiments November 29 1840
Identifier: 2004.2.279
Donor: Geoffrey Sayers
Item Date: 1840
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: (a) A small blue paper, with handwriting in black ink. It reads, 'The third Battalion Quebec Militia was not one of the corps admitted to the L. G. Militia Bounty. I.L.' The bottom left corner has more writing, which is illegible. Looks likea date, possibly "29 Nov. 1840". In pencil underneath the initials I.L reads, 'Langevin'. This was most likely a later research note added, and would not be from 1840. (b) The King's order from the Office of the Transportation Commission, Quebec. The order is entirely in french. It reads, "Bureau du Commissaire des Transports, Quebec, Circulaire. Il vous est ordonné de la part du Roi de fournir sans délai au porteur du présent, le nombre de voitures dont il poura avoir besoin avec chacune un conducteur pour transporter des effets appartenant à Sa Majesté, durant la journée entière. Cette corvée sera payée conformément au tarif du Gouvernement. Par ordre de Son Excellence le Gouveneur Général. Aux Capitaines et autres officiers commandant des compagnies de milice [depuis jusqu'à (crossed out)] dans le District des Trois Rivieres au Nord du Fleuve St. Laurent. Mattiu Col. M. u [?] du Transports. N.B. Ces corvées seront payées par le Commifaire de Transports aux trois Rivieres, sur des Billets de l'Office commandant les détachements." The english translation is, "You are ordered by the King to provide without delay a 'porteur du present', the number of cars that will be needed, with each conductor, for transporting the Majesty's possessions, during the entire day. This chore will be paid in accordance with the tarifs of the government. From order of the Honourable Governor General. To all captains and other commanding offices of the militia regiments, in the district of Trois Rivieres to the north of the St. Lawrence River. N.B. Chores will be paid by the Transportation Commission at Trois Rivieres, by tickets from the officer commanding the detachments.' In the top left corner, there is a large orange wax seal, still attached.

Various members of the Magrath, Harris, Draper and Sayers families served in the militia. This document could have come from any one of them. The item is part of a box of original papers, letters, transcripts and research notes complied and transcribed by Geoffrey and Kathleen Sayers. Geoffrey Sayers and his wife Kathleen (née Colloton) occupied Benares from 1969 until 1981. During that time, they acted as care takers of the estate on behalf of the Ontario Heritage Foundation. They kept a small display of artifacts in the kitchen, and opened up the house once a year to the public. He also maintained the Benares financial affairs in 1932 for Naomi (Na) and Mary, who were unable to do so themselves. Along with sisters Dora Sayers and Barbara Sayers Larson, Geoff donated Benares to the Museums of Mississauga in 1995.
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