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Title: Brass Gong with a Hammer
Identifier: 2005.4.2
Donor: Barbara Larson
Item Date: c. 1910
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: A brass gong with a brass stand and padded hammer. (1) The brass stand has two legs which have two toes that curl out to give the stand stability. The legs have a heart shaped design, which comes up to create the arch from which the gong hangs. On either side there are two lips that extend out which can hold the padded hammer across the stand. At the top of the arch there are two holes for the rope that holds the gong. (2) A padded hammer for sounding the gong. The hammer has a padded headed, possible felt, that is tan in colour and slightly dirty. The wooden handle has an elongated pear shape that narrows out at the end. Part of the end of the handle has broken off. (3) A gong that hangs by a white string from the stand. The gong itself is round, with a hollow back, and has a criss-cross impressed pattern all over the front. History: Barbara Larson remembers this gong still being used during her childhood growing up in Benares Historic House. It might date back to Captain Harris. The gong originally belonged to Dora Sayers Caro, who inherited it when the house was divided between the three siblings (Geoffrey, Dora and Barbara) when Naomi passed away in 1968. When Dora passed away in 2004, she left the gong to Barbara. Items donated by Barbara Sayers Larson. Barbara Larson is the daughter of Annie Harris (1882-1986) and Beverly Sayers (1883-1976) and granddaughter of Arthur (1843-1932) and Mary (1859-1954) Harris. Barbara was born January 27, 1920 and was the youngest of three children. Barbara and her siblings, Geoffrey Sayers (1907-1997) and Dora Sayers Caro (1915-2004) donated Benares to the Ontario Heritage Foundation in 1968 after inheriting it from their aunt, Naomi Harris (1883-1968). Many of the items donated by Barbara originally belonged to her mother or Aunt Naomi and came from Benares. Barbara lived in a log cabin originally given to her mother by her grandparents at 1723 Birchwood Drive. She still maintains a close tie with Benares and is now living in Kelowna, British Columbia, with her daughter.
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