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Title: Bookmark
Identifier: 2005.4.170.1
Donor: Barbara Larson
Item Date: 1845-1875
Image Creator: Museums of Mississauga
Creation Date: 2006
Location: Benares Historic House

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Description: Bookmark consisting of needle work (cross stitch) on perforated stiff cardboard. The design is a brown t-cross with the word "TRUTH" stitched across the horizontal bar of the cross; a band of red and pink flowers with brown and black leaves are twisted around the height of the cross. The bookmark came wrapped in a piece of grey tissue paper made by Margaret Patton (2005.4.170.2). Handwritten in brown ink on the tissue paper is: "Mrs Patton 4/O". The tissue paper is stained, wrinkled and torn. History: Made by Margaret Patton, sister of Captain James Harris. From the jewellery box accessioned under 2005.4.125 belonging to Dora Sayers Caro. Other bookmarks also made by Margaret Patton are accessioned under 2005.4.169 and 2005.4.168. Margaret Patton née Harris (c.1800-1877) was the sister of Captain James Harris of Benares and Matilda Lindsay. Margaret, named for her mother, Margaret Marshall Harris, married her first cousin, James Murray Patton. In 1831, James inherited 2/3rds of the Glenalmond Estate in Perthshire, Scotland with his brother Thomas. During James’ ownership, a group of Highland whiskey bootleggers were caught by a force of excisemen and cavalry on Glenalmond lands that was immortalized in a ballad (1837). James Murray died on Christmas day in 1853. Glenalmond was left to James’ younger brother Thomas and later to his sister Margaret Ann Patton whom Margaret lived with. Margaret frequently wrote to her brother, Captain Harris at Benares and would help to send care packages to his family with her sister Matilda. Margaret died in 1877. The Harrises have had a long tradition with the Marshall and Patton families of Scotland. Major General John Harris (1797-1884) married one of Thomas Hay Marshall's (1772-1788) daughters, Margaret Marshall. Thomas Hay Marshall of Glenalmond was Lord Provost of Perth and contacted the Earl of Breadalbane for a commission for his brother-in-law John Harris, R.A., in the 5th Battalion to be formed under the command of Major General Drummond in 1794. Thomas was also a cousin to James Patton of Cairnies, a prosperous Perth merchant and lawyer who married another one of his daughters, Ann Marshall. After the death of Thomas Hay Marshall, Glenalmond Estate was bequeathed to James Patton, who bought the remaining land in 1808. James died in 1831, dividing his land up between his sons, James Murray (-1853), Thomas (-1869), and George (-1869). James Murray Patton inherited part of Glenalmond Estate with his brother, Thomas Patton; George, inherited Cairnies. James Murray Patton would later marry Margaret Harris (-1877), the daughter of Major General John Harris and sister of Captain James Beveridge Harris (1797-1884). James Murray Patton was therefore a first cousin to the Harris family as were his brothers George and Thomas, and sister Margaret Anne. When Thomas Patton died in 1869, the whole estate passed on to his brother George Patton, then Lord Chief Justice Clerk. The same year, George committed suicide due to political and personal pressure, and Glenalmond was given to his widow. After her death, the estate was passed on to George's sister, Margaret Anne Patton (-1878) in 1873. She eventually willed her property to her nephews Thomas Marshall Harris Jr. (1828-ca.1900) and Henry William Hall Harris (1849-ca.1900), who had both distinguished British military careers. They were also Arthur Harris's first cousins. Arthur was supposed to inherit Glenalmond but because he would inherit Benares, the aunts believed his cousins should acquire the estate since they had no property. For information on Thomas Hay Marshall, see: David Graham-Campbell _Thomas Hay Marshall and the Making of Georgian Perth_ (1985); Thomas Hay Marshall to Breadalbane, 13 October 1794, Papers of the Campbell Family, Earls of Braedalbane, GD112/74/846, National Archives of Scotland. For information on the history of Glenalmond, see: "Glenalmond: The Life and Times of a Scottish Estate" (Oslo, Norway: Astru
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