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Carpet Fragment
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Title: Carpet Fragment
Identifier: 980.23.1
Donor: Mary K. Witty
Item Date: 1880-1930
Creation Date: 2011
Location: Bradley Museum

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Description: Striped carpet fragment of various colours of pale red, green, purple and burgundy and a large strip of olive green in the centre. Carpet is woven in pieces and sewn together. It has a linen backing.

Possibly a drugget carpet. A drugget, from the French drouget, meaning trash, is a coarse durable woven cloth used chiefly as a floor covering or a protective covering over a more expensive carpet. These are often made from wool formerly used as clothing. A drugget has a cotton warp and a wool filling. REF: Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, by Merriam Webster 1991, p. 385.

The carpet came from Harold Shannette of Williamsburg, Ontario who had a farm that was 1 mile south of Williamsburgh on the west side of highway 31. The farm was originally purchased by Peter Whittaker, U.E.L, in 1808 from Catherine O’Hare who had received it as a crow grant. Mary Whitaker (b. 1874) a descendant of Peter, married Jeremiah Shannette in 1896. Farm was left to the donor, a niece of Jeremiah, and her cousin after uncle passed away in 1980.

Mary K. Witty is a long time resident of Meadwood Rd in Clarkson. She moved to her home in the 1950s and is an active volunteer of Museums of Mississauga.
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