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Bus Surveillance Systems

Beginning March 15, 2011, video surveillance systems will be activated on MiWay buses to enhance passenger safety and security while protecting rights to privacy.

Bus surveillance systems are an effective tool in the detection of crime and the prosecution of offenders. They are an industry accepted addition to transit system safety and contribute to the security of passengers and drivers.

The new systems will be activated on 57 buses on March 15, 2011, and continue to be installed and activated on all buses in the fleet by December 2011.

As per the City of Mississauga Transit Video/Audio Surveillance Policy, which was approved by City Council on Sept. 29, 2010, information collected from the surveillance will be used:

  • to provide law enforcement agencies with evidence related to an incident under investigation,
  • to investigate a critical bodily injury as defined by, and reported to the Ministry of Labour,
  • to respond to a request under MFIPPA,
  • to aid in an investigation of an insurance claim filed against the City; and
  • when required by law.

The policy was written in compliance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (MFIPPA), the City of Mississauga Transit By-law 425-03 and recommendations from the office of Information and Privacy Commissioner.

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