What's New for 2012?

What's New for 2013?

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." ~ Henri Matisse

New prizes!

This year there are two more prizes to be won as we are pleased to introduce:

  • The "Garden of the Year" award. This award will be given annually to the garden that deserves the designation of the best overall garden for that year. Winners will be chosen from first place winners in all classes. The winners will receive a special award from our sponsor, in addition to their first place winnings, and a gold commemorative plaque.

  • The "Best Display of Colour" award. This award will be given annually to the garden with the best colour display. Winners will be chosen from all contest entries that have not won another prize. The award is designed to appeal to novice gardeners (who often start their first garden with annuals) and gardeners who just love to be surrounded by colour. Gardens may contain only annuals or perennials, or any mix of both. The winners will receive a $100 gift card, a commemorative plaque, and a one-year membership to one of the city's four horticultural societies.

A new contest format

We have been hearing from garden owners, with potentially winning gardens, that they have been deterred from entering because of the long contest judging period (up to six weeks), and that it is too demanding to maintain their gardens in tip-top shape.

Well, we've been listening. This year we are test-driving a new contest format which will allow us to complete all judging in four weeks, with all gardens being judged twice, by two different teams, prior to the final judging.

The contest will now span the month of July only, so we look forward to receiving entries from all you reluctant entrants. No more excuses!

A Modified Alternative Gardens class

As we judged our first Alternative Gardens entries last year, it became apparent that, regardless of the type of garden the entrant had submitted, all of the gardens contained features from other types, creating hybrids, which made it trickier to judge.

This year, we are trying to make things simpler for entrants and judges.

First, there is a name change – the Alternative Gardens class will now become the Ecogardens class to clarify what this class is about.

We have also changed the entry process to reflect the fact that most ecogardens are not specifically one type, but "borrow" features from other types, resulting in hybrids. You will now have the opportunity, when entering, to choose one of four single types or select the hybrid option if you think that your garden has features from multiple types.

Before entering, please read "Alternative Gardens to Ecogardens."

A new rule for townhouse entries

From 2013 forward, if there are fewer than five Townhouse entries, they will be reclassified and judged with the Small Gardens class.

The change has been implemented to ensure that judging is fair to everyone. The chance of winning from a small number of entries is much greater, and disproportionate to choosing three winners from a much larger group of entries.

However, if more than five Townhouse entries are received, they will continue to be judged as a separate class.

Streetscape goes paperless!

Well, almost. With consideration for resource conservation, and the fact that 98% of entries are submitted online, we have decided to eliminate our widespread distribution of brochures. A small supply will be printed for displays and events, but will not be widely available.

However, if you know of a potential entrant without computer access, please assure them that a hard copy entry package can still be obtained by calling 311.