Winners' Garden Gallery - Business

Winners' Garden Gallery

Welcome to our photo gallery, which will display photos of every year's winning business gardens, in addition to previous years' winning B.I.A. Contest displays.

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Mississauga's Most Beautiful Business Class

Winners: Peter & Catherine Lebessis, Body & Soul Med. & Day Spa
214 Queen Street South
Looking at this luxurious container garden, it's easy to see why Streetsville won our B.I.A. contest 3 years in succession. Planted in shades of pinks and mauves, with fluorescent green potato vine and exotic looking canna foliage, the containers are spilling over with brilliant colour, with the potato vine creeping, Triffid like, across the sidewalk. The spa, located on the main street, has a raised central entrance, flanked by two windows. Not content with a couple of planters, these owners have two urns on the entrance steps, long planters under the windows and two hanging baskets on the walls on either side. This beautiful display must bring calm and serenity to customers even before they enter the spa. This garden sets the bar high for future entrants and demonstrates the best of what a container garden can be.

Streetscape 2011 B.I.A. Contest Streetscape 2011 B.I.A. Contest