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The City of Mississauga offers a wide variety of services. Search the Frequently Asked Questions by topic or enter in a keyword to access information quickly and easily.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
What is the area of the City?
How do I pay for my Access Modification Permit?
What standards do you take into considerations when reviewing an Access Modification Permit applic
Who can I call regarding property assessment? How is my assessment determined?
Does the City recognize special Wedding Anniversaries or Birthdays?
Do I need a permit to have the curb/culvert modified to accommodate a wider driveway?
Do I need a permit to widen my driveway?
What steps do I take for having my curb modified in conjunction with the City’s road resurfacing p
Can I modify a curb or culvert myself or have my contractor do the work?
Where can I get a recycling container?
When will the Access Modification work be done?
Who do I call to get a City tree inspected/planted/removed?
My street light is burnt out, where do I call to have it replaced?
How wide can my driveway be?
How long will the process to review an application for an Access Modification Permit take?
Are there limitations regarding the width of the curb cut or culvert extension?
What are my street number, number suffix, street type, municipal number or civic number?
What is the population of the City of Mississauga?
How much will it cost to cut my curb or extend my culvert?
I have been advised that my street will be resurfaced - can I have my curb modified at the same ti
How and where do I apply for a curb cut or a culvert extension?
My street has only six houses on it. Why do I have a 4-digit municipal address?
I would like to check a municipal address. Is there a way to do this on line?
I don't like my current municipal address. Can I change it?
I require a municipal address for a new building. How do I get one?
How would I go about changing my address?
I own a lot that fronts onto two streets. Can I change the address from one street to the other?
Do I need permission from the City to assign unit numbers within a building that I own?
Why is my condominium townhouse address different from the unit number in my legal description?
I have a question about my municipal address that is not covered here. Who can I call?
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