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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
I don't like my current municipal address. Can I change it?
Yes, but only if you currently own the property and there is an available number that fits the City's grid system. (Note that for new construction, the builder is the owner until the deal closes and title is transferred at the Land Registry Office.)

Look at your next-door neighbours’ municipal addresses on both sides of your property. You cannot change your address to a number that is higher than or lower than this address range. If there is no existing municipal address on one or both sides, the City of Mississauga’s address grid will determine the address range (see the previous question 'My street only has six houses on it.').

If your number is on the ‘even’ side of the street, your new number must be an even number and if it is on the ‘odd’ side of the street, it must be an odd number.
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