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Buy the 2015 Street Guide ($15.00) from our eCity store or from two of our City locations. Phone 905-615-3200 ext. 3347 for more information.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
How would I go about changing my address?
First, you must own the property. If you are purchasing a house and the deal has not closed, the City of Mississauga cannot change your address.

Second, contact the Transportation and Works Geomatics Section at (905) 615-3200 ext 5158 or e-mail Geomatics.Counter@mississauga.ca to see what other addresses are available. The City will only consider changes which fit within our current numbering policies. If a new civic address is available, you will receive a confirmation letter reserving that address for you.

Third, write a letter addressed to the Supervisor of Geomatics Maintenance stating :
  • That the person writing the letter is the property owner.
  • The current address and the address that has been reserved for you.
  • The reason for the change.
Fourth, payment options:

  • Mail a Certified Cheque (payable to The City of Mississauga) along with your request letter and a copy of the confirmation letter to the Supervisor of Geomatics Maintenance at the address below.
  • Bring your request letter and confirmation letter to Transportation and Works Customer Service Counter. Methods of payment: cash, certified cheque (payable to The City of Mississauga), debit or credit card. Please note that the Counter will not accept cheques that are not certified.

Transportation and Works Customer Service Counter
3185 Mavis Road, First Floor
Mississauga ON
L5C 1T7
Hours of operation 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday

For the current fee for an address change, consult www.mississauga.ca/portal/cityhall/bylaws and look under "Fees and Charges: Transportation and Works" for Change of Address Requests. Please note that the HST must be added to this fee.

Within three business days, the City of Mississauga will change the address in our databases and notify all utilities and services including emergency services and Canada Post. You are responsible for changing your driverís licence and notifying all others affected. The City will send you an official letter confirming the address change.
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