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Report an Emergency

Call 9-1-1 if there is immediate danger to human health or property & you need Police, Fire or Paramedic services.

Dealing with Emergencies

How to Prepare

Where else can I receive alerts?

General Information
Shelter in Place

Shelter-in-place is the practice of going or remaining indoors to be safe during an emergency. The key is to take immediate shelter. These actions are generally taken during an emergency of an airborne hazardous material release into the air.

When should you Shelter in Place?

  • When advised by authorities
  • If hazardous materials are released into the atmosphere.
  • (Chemical, radiological or biological contaminants can be accidentally or intentionally released into the environment)
  • Tornado warning
  • Severe Storm Warning
  • Smoke from a fire

What you should do:

  • Go indoors immediately and stay there
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Turn off furnace, air conditioners, exhaust systems, and any ventilation systems
  • Go into a room with the least doors and windows, and seal the room if possible
  • Listen to your radio or television for more information
  • Check your municipality’s website.