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Report an Emergency

Call 9-1-1 if there is immediate danger to human health or property & you need Police, Fire or Paramedic services.

Dealing with Emergencies

How to Prepare

Where else can I receive alerts?

General Information

Authorities may instruct residents to evacuate for their safety and well-being. Evacuations are needed in situations where the environment is no longer safe to stay in, such as a chemical spill. Therefore, residents and citizens must leave the affected area until further instructed it is safe to return.

If there is a need to be evacuated, you would be given evacuation instructions by:

  • Local radio, television or Internet (Check your municipality’s website)
  • Emergency services driving through your neighbourhood using a loud speaker
  • An emergency official knocking at your door

What to do during an evacuation

  • Follow local government instructions
  • If you are asked to evacuate, do so promptly
  • Take your emergency kit, essential medications, and cellular phone
  • If possible, let others know where you're going
  • Keep phone lines open for use by emergency workers
  • Monitor local media for emergency instructions and current information
  • If you are instructed to do so, and know how, shut off water, gas and electricity
  • Travel only on routes specified by officials. A shortcut could take you to a blocked or dangerous area

Check on family and friends

It is important to contact family and friends to make sure they are safe after surviving an emergency, especially the seniors. Make sure that you know where your family and friends are.