What is an Outdoor Festival/Event?

Takes place on City property and includes activities that:

  • pose a level of risk such as alcohol, carnivals, inflatables, etc., not normally expected with the use of the property; and/or
  • require City of Mississauga approval(s) in addition to the approval for the use of the property itself such as advertising, staging, tents etc.; and/or
  • may require the approval of outside regulatory agencies such as A.G.C.O., Region of Peel Health Department, Peel Regional Police Department, Transport Canada etc.
  • Filming is not considered a festival or event and falls under the City's filming policy requirements. (For Filming information contact Carmen Ford at 905-305-6150

Outdoor Festivals/Events held on City property i.e. Civic Square, roads, parks and on sport fields (activities other than for sports) require that community benefit must be derived from the Outdoor Festival/Event.

Community Benefit is:

a) Outdoor Festivals/Events that are open to the public and;

  • when a portion of the proceeds from the Outdoor Festival/Event are donated to a non profit group or charity;
  • or when the Outdoor Festival/Event is hosted by a non profit group or charity;
  • or when an Outdoor Festival/Event increases the profile of Mississauga; and/or when the Festival/Event adds economic benefit to Mississauga from a tourism perspective.

b) Outdoor Festivals/Events that are not open to the public but are held for the enjoyment of a specific local group of participants such as corporate picnics, church and association picnics etc.

Private enterprise organizers hosting Outdoor Festivals/Events open to the public who intend to retain all proceeds derived from the activity will not be approved for use of City property.

Exceptions (with approval) to community benefit can be activities that take place on parking lots, skateboard parks and road closures associated with construction and political motorcades etc.

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