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Boarding and Exiting the Bus

Boarding the Bus

  1. All customers board MiWay buses through the front doors. When the bus arrives, let the operator know you want to use the ramp.
  2. Position yourself 1.5 to 2 metres (5 to 6 feet) away from the front door of the bus. This allows adequate clearance for the operator to open the doors and lower the ramp platform.
  3. Move forward up the ramp, facing the operator.
  4. Pay your fare. Obtain a transfer if you need to change buses.
  5. Move forward down the aisle. For customers in wheelchairs/scooters, back into one of the two wheelchair/scooter spaces provided.
  6. The operator will fold-up the seats, when necessary.
  7. If you are in a wheelchair, back into the securement space against the padded back rest. Pull the safety strap across your chest and fasten to the yellow safety pole. Lock your brakes.
  8. If you are using a scooter, you are encouraged to leave your scooter and sit in a passenger seat. Back your scooter into the securement space, turn the power off, and pull the safety strap around the scooter.
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Boarding the Bus Step 3
Boarding the Bus Step 4
Boarding the Bus Step 6
Boarding the Bus Step 7

Please Note:

  • Each of the first two forward-facing or side-facing seats on each bus may be folded-up to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter.
  • The safety strap is located beside the padded back rest.
  • On articulated buses (longer buses that bend in the middle) scooters can only be accommodated on the curb side of the bus.

Exiting the Bus

  1. Press the stop button located by the handrail to notify the operator you want to exit the bus at the next stop.
  2. When the bus fully stops, turn to face the front of the bus and proceed to the safety line on the bus floor.
  3. Stay behind the safety line until the ramp has been completely lowered by the operator.
  4. Move onto the ramp and exit the bus.
Boarding the Bus Step 1