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What are the benefits of the transitway?

The transitway will make transit travel better through:

  • increased reliability - your trip will be less likely to be affected by traffic congestion, so you’ll get where you need to go on time;
  • reduced travel time - your trip will be faster in relation to both current transit options and automobile travel, so you’ll spend less time commuting and more time doing the things you want to do1;
  • greater convenience - improved security, protection from the elements and improved service information mean a more comfortable ride;
  • greater accessibility - more transit means better options for those without access to a car.

The transitway will make Mississauga and our surrounding communities better through:

  • increased capacity - Mississauga will be able to move significantly more people without having to add to the costly public road network2;
  • reduced automobile traffic - the transitway is projected to divert thousands of people a day from private automobiles to higher-order transit, reducing automobile traffic significantly during high-volume periods3;
  • reduced emissions - with vehicle emissions contributing significantly to climate change, reduced traffic means better air for everyone4;
  • increased density - the BRT will support increased intensity and density of development along the corridor through Mississauga and the GTA, supporting the healthy growth of residential and employment centres;
  • increased safety - public transit is the safest form of transportation, with the rates of injury or death due to accident significantly lower for public transit versus private automobile5.

(1-5 - Source: Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund Submission, March 2007)

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