ePlans is an e-processing system for submission and review of plans and documents for building permits, site plan approvals and pre-application meetings for planning applications.

ePlans streamlines the review of complete building and land development applications. It will also improve the processing capacity and will drastically lessen the space required for paper storage.

ePlans allows for many City staff to review files at the same time. This will lessen the amount of time each file spends in transit between staff that need to review and approve each application.

Customers can upload or track plans from anywhere at anytime.


Getting Started

  • Read the Applicant Guide

  • Start a new application request by completing the online forms

  • Pay application administrative fee online

  • Upload your plans and documents

  • Complete the Applicant Upload task and you're done


ePlans reflects the City of Mississauga's commitment to more efficient and convenient service delivery.

Thinking about a renovation or building project? Why not try ePlans!

Read the Applicant Guide

email eplans.techsupport@mississauga.ca