The zoning by-law lists permitted uses in each zone. Different types of businesses are categorized into different uses which can be referenced in the definitions section 1.2.

A zone will identify what uses are typically permitted, however, it cannot be confirmed that the use complies with all zoning regulations (parking, separation distances, outdoor storage, approvals from other agencies, or any other applicable regulations) until it is approved by a Zoning Certificate of Occupancy.

No business use can be changed to another type of use without first obtaining a Zoning Certificate of Occupancy.

If you're planning to start a business, you should confirm that your type of business is permitted by the zoning by-law.

Confirm the zoning of the property.

Check the permitted uses indicated under the zoning designation and 2.1.9 for Uses Permitted in More Than One Zone Category. Where a  &#x2713  symbol appears in a table it shall mean, when associated with a use in a specified zone, that the use is TYPICALLY permitted in that zone. Note: All bolded words shown are defined in the zoning by-law and a use must fit within a specific definition in order to be considered that use. See example below:

The table above is a useful tool to help you understand how to identify permitted uses in different zones. The City will confirm that your proposal meets all requirements of the Zoning By-Law through review of a building permit and/or Zoning Certificate of Occupancy.

Apply for a Zoning Certificate of Occupancy. Confirm with zoning staff to determine whether or not a Zoning certificate is required.