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Simpson-Humphries Barn C, (Sanford Farm), Meadowvale
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Title: Simpson-Humphries Barn C, (Sanford Farm), Meadowvale
Identifier: PH3567
Date of Original Photo: ca 1990
Image Type: B&W Photo, 12x9 cm.
Subject: Barns - Ontario - Meadowvale (Mississauga)
Donor: Planning & Heritage, Community Services
Location: 1200 Old Derry Road, pt. Lot 10, Conc 3 WHS

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Description: 1200 Old Derry Road. Conc 3 WHS, pt. Lot 10. This is an Erie Shore barn intersected by a Two Bay and is one of four barns on the Simpson-Humphries property, also known as Sanford Farm. The house on the property was built in the 1860s by John Simpson, a prominent mill owner and founder of Meadowvale. There is an illustration of the property in the 1877 Historical Atlas of Peel County, which shows several barns. Barns A and C are built in the same location as two of the barns in this illustration. It would not be unusual for a farmer to build a new barn on the same foundation as a previous one. This particular barn has a cement foundation, vertical board and batten siding and metal sheeting on the Erie Shore Gambrel roof. The drive doors are adjacent on the Two Bay barn and both barns form an L-shaped plan. The Erie Shore barn, as its name implies, is closely associated with the counties adjacent to Lake Erie. Its presence as far east as Mississauga is an anomaly. The Erie Shore barn resembles the Two Bay barn in that it has only one storey and is similar in scale. The roof however, is different, being the gambrel rather than the gable. The floor is usually at ground level. The arrangement of space inside the barn marks the most significant variation from the other barn types. The barn is divided into two spaces: a drive floor and a stable/storage area. Erie Shore barns are characterized by a light lumber frame, as opposed to the heavy timbers used in the construction of all the other types. The Simpson-Humphries property is designated under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act and is located within the Meadowvale Heritage Conservation District. Description as of April 2011.
Agency: Mississauga Library System