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William Barber House, Streetsville
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Title: William Barber House, Streetsville
Identifier: MC0697
Date of Original Photo: 1877
Date Built: ca 1860
Location: 5155 Mississauga Road North, pt. Lot 1 W 1/2, Conc 4 WHS

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Description: 5155 Mississauga Road North. Conc 4 WHS, pt. Lot 1 W 1/2. Copy of a sketch from the 1877 Historical Atlas of Peel County. William and Robert Barber purchased William Comfort's mill in 1843. It was the first mill on this location. William J. Comfort also had a sawmill, and probably a grist mill in operation before 1826. Comfort gave shelter to William Lyon Mackenzie during the 1837 Rebellion and was consequently jailed. In 1843 he sold the property to the Barber Brothers of Georgetown, who established the Toronto Woollen Mills. Both William and Robert built magnificent houses. William's house has survived, but Robert's frame house burned down at the turn of the last century. William Barber's House has been converted to a restaurant and is designated under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act. Description as of March 2012.
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