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Dominion Hardware and Canadian Acceptance, Rear View, Cooksville
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Title: Dominion Hardware and Canadian Acceptance, Rear View, Cooksville
Identifier: PH0856
Date Built: ca 1860 or 1870
Image Type: B&W Photo, 11.5x7.5 cm.
Subject: Historic buildings - Ontario - Cooksville (Mississauga)
Donor: Planning & Heritage, Community Services
Location: 24-26 Dundas Street East, pt. Lot 15, N1/2, Conc 1 SDS

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Description: 24-26 Dundas Street East. Conc 1 SDS, pt. Lot 15, N ┐. Also known as Irwin's Hardware. Built in the 1860s or 1870s on the site of the old Daniel Harris store which he sold in 1818 to Jacob Cook. The store was among the many buildings destroyed in the Cooksville fire of 1852. The building has gone through many owners. It is a two-storey, six bay fašade structure with a medium pitched gable roof. There was a fire in the building on February 19, 2004, as reported in the Mississauga News of February 20, 2004, but it does not appear that the building was damaged. It is listed on the Heritage Register.
Agency: Mississauga Library System